June 3, 2020

The Covid-19 Coronavirus will go down in history as being a global pandemic that stopped the world – so to speak. If you watch the news, or read the papers, you could be forgiven for forgetting that there is actually anything else at all going on. However as the media machine rubs it’s hands together and relishes the attention, it’s blatant sensationalism is overshadowing many other important health issues and one particular lifestyle pandemic that has been building in our global society for centuries. But this one, nobody wants to talk about….

Recently in a voice lesson, a client asked me why his voice sounded weak and hollow when he sung a particular passage of a song. I asked him how he felt when he was singing. He told me in his own words that he couldn’t feel his voice in his body. I agreed with him, that he had lost his oomph! I shared that I suspected he was ‘holding back his expression’ and this is what was making his voice weak and hollow.

In technical terms he was just singing...

September 3, 2017

When we think about the subject of relationships we tend to jump straight to those we are having with others in our lives, like our partner, our kids, our friends and family, we might even stretch it as far as our work colleagues, or even to our pooch, but we pretty much tend to leave it at that. Of course all our relationships are important, but aren’t we forgetting our oldest and most influential relationship of all? That would be of course, our relationship with ourselves. 

Our relationship with ourselves is by and large the most important relationship we will ever have as we are the only ones that are with ourselves 24/7. Think about it.  There is no one else is who is with you every moment of the day, through every little thing that you do and I mean everything… eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, having uncomfortable conversations, going to work, enjoying the sunshine, getting anxious, stressed, feeling tired, receiving accolades, experiencing all of life’s highs and lows. You...

August 6, 2017

Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my students and we got to talking about some very popular artists and what reflection and influence they provide for people in general, but particularly for young people. My student astutely commented that so much about many artists is presented in such an over the top way, that it is hard to see the real person underneath – even though you know they are in there somewhere. It got me to thinking that covering up who we truly are in favour of an image of how we will be accepted in life has become normal. It’s definitely not just confined to the music industry, however it is a place where we can very obviously see the lengths we are prepared to go to cover up who we are.

Lets face it, we are all simply gorgeous in our surrendered natural state, but how often do we allow ourselves or others see this? It seems it’s become normal to put on an act rather than share who we really are with the world, but what is the price of this and what does i...

April 7, 2017

Singing, is without a doubt one of the most joyful activities we can engage in. It opens us up and allows us to connect to ourselves and to each other through the joy of making sound. Most people are aware of this, however, ask them if they would like to sing out loud in public, and you may watch their face change, from relaxed to something ranging from discomfort to terror. So, what gets in the way of us just singing just for the joy of it? Just like any 3 or 4 year old naturally does on a daily basis? Not for any accolades, recognition or approval. But just for pure joy?

In my job as a singing teacher, and as a singer myself, I’m aware that when most of us go to sing, there is a something that gets in the way. Unfortunately for most people, it is not just as simple as – I feel like singing out loud so I open my mouth and out it comes. There is something sneaky getting in that stands in the way of us enjoying our singing.

There is a picture we hold as to how we want to sound and how we...

September 16, 2013

It’s time to bust some myths about singing. One of the biggest myths surrounding singing is that it is only for a select few.

Singing is for everyone and we need to re-claim our right to sing again.

It’s not just for established or potential pop or rock stars. There are many who are under the illusion that they benefit from us believing in this myth, as it stops us from expressing ourselves, prevents us from feeling the true joy of singing and contributes to making ourselves small.

Many, many years ago we all used to sing and it wasn’t determined by any external factors. It wasn’t about how “good” your voice was, or if you were in tune, it wasn’t about competing with each other, or trying to be better than anyone else.

Singing was a way of coming together, expressing ourselves and feeling our natural connection to each other

There was a sense of community, a sense of support, a sense of who we are. This connection runs much deeper than we may have considered and this is why so many of us ar...

July 19, 2013

Recently I held a six week Joy of Singing Group. During the 6 weeks we unfolded many of the myths about singing and spoke about how they hold us back. You know the ones – you’ve got to sound a certain way, you have to be in tune, you have to have the approval of someone else to sing. All those and many, many more. Through these discussions and through singing, the group started to realise how much these ideals about singing were not true and were holding us back and not allowing us to sing freely, even just for fun.

The negative thought patterns that existed for everyone and the constraints in the body were most of the time overriding our natural ability to sing.

It was amazing how when talked about these myths and realised how ridiculous they are, we were able to get them out of the way and the group opened up and started expressing freely. We dispelled the myths one by one as they came up, through simple honesty and care. Gradually over the 6 weeks the barriers to singing and expressin...

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The Pandemic That Nobody Talks About

June 3, 2020

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