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Elaine Tzimokas

"I feel so much more joyful and connected within myself and have realised an increasing awareness of my feelings, even during the times when i am not so connected. As a result of this, my general confidence and ability in truly connecting with people has grown immensely, as I have learnt to grow more and more content within myself and become more accepting of myself. I now appreciate my voice, regardless of its imperfections in which I am happy to embrace and claim as being my own. I have learnt that the art of creativity is derived from within and not from the mind. Your classes have given me this awareness and are a constant reminder that it is ok to just be yourself….it has been truly freeing!"

Kate Rae

Whilst attending singing lessons with Rachael Kane over the last few years, I have greatly progressed in my vocal ability. Focussing on meditation, being present and trusting myself have allowed me to open up and freely express my voice naturally while maintaining my own individual sound.

Georgie Walker

Rachael is wonderful, patient and caring. She taught me to open up, trust myself, be happy and confident with who I am and have the confidence to shine! She has also helped me let go of my insecurities and find my true voice.


Rachael reminded me what a true joy singing really is. This group is not so much about the technique of singing, but focuses on the joy of singing and the way the singing is a tool to connect to ourselves. With Rachel’s guidance I felt truly connected to the real me. It was so simple, yet so powerful. I was able to breathe gently and allow my worries to slip away. I continue to use the techniques that I learnt from the course in everyday life. I really enjoyed the small supportive group and met some great people!

Michael Pollit

On March 7, 2013 by admin

Rachael is inspirational. Her style is sensitive and practical, reassuring and challenging. In my sessions she taught life skills which helped me to tune into myself, freely express myself as an instrument, and to understand and align my emotional state with the messages in my songs. She has really helped me and I recommend her to anyone looking to expand themselves as a musician and human being.

Dave Havea

On March 7, 2013 by admin

I’d had many singing teachers in the past with varied results but only Rachael Kane at Connected Voice gave me a true insight into not only the technical aspects of singing but also the importance of physical presence and connection to ensure the best results whenever I sing. I would recommend Rachael for any singer’s needs, from improving technique to gaining a new perspective on performance.



Jane Watson-Brown

Working with Rachael is a wonderful process - singing and connecting with self is an area of personal development that has touched all aspects and levels of my being. Rachael's way of listening and helping you to connect is like no other singing method I have used - suddenly I'm not so self-conscious and super critical of my voice and self-expression. It's definitely not only about singing but about living your life with authenticity and love. It has deepened the way I look at myself and my interactions with others and I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough.

Kelly Zarb

Rachel holds a super supportive space to truly allow people to connect, play and express without fear. Having recently participated in a group expression class, I felt so much freedom and ease in allowing my natural voice to shine and see how this then outplays in all other areas of my life was deeply powerful. I loved the class and the space to simply stop, connect and enjoy being with my voice in a fun and warm environment. Thank you Rachel and thank you to the amazing ladies in the group xxxx


Ellen Luzana

I always thought singing was about remembering the words and hitting the right notes. After taking the group lessons with Rachael I’ve found that singing can be much more than that. It has been a way to connect with a part of myself that I never knew existed and to enjoy the act of singing with and to other people. These lessons have also showed me the importance of being yourself and singing from a sincere joyous place. These are more than just singing lessons and I recommend you give them a go if you are willing and open to discovering things about yourself as well as having fun!

Emily Hui

Thank you Rachael and my soul sisters for sharing the incredible experience. The course is such a gift and I felt so safe and supported to be challenged to reflect, step out of my comfort zone and grow. It really was much more than singing, it was connection, growth and the opportunity to dare greatly.

Rachael is a beautiful and gentle soul yet has great passion and perspective. A real rarity to have such a fine balance between being able to make you feel safe and supported but also the ability to carefully encourage and challenge you for growth. Such talent musically with her arrangements of the songs and such a special lady. I loved the exploration of creativity, expression and sharing this with the other wonderful women in the group.

So grateful to be on this journey with all of you too.

Kate Robson – Mum of Charlie

Rachel has a very easy relationship with kids. The other day my daughter Charlie said to me, Mum, do you know who inspires me the most? Rachael. As a mother I couldn’t be happier about that. With the role models we have for our girls in the media it is incredible for Charlie to have weekly contact with someone who is as lovely, clear, beautiful, sweet, honest, strong and encouraging as Rachael.

The reason I took Charlie to see Rachael was because she was having migraine headaches. Our GP suggested she go and see someone to talk about her feelings, with everything physical ruled out it was thought that Charlie might be bottling up her emotions. She was very shy at this time.

I knew Rachael’s company Connected Voice was about learning about expression so we started a weekly lesson. At some point during the year her headaches were just completely gone. They have not returned.


Charlie now talks to me about everything that is going on for her, it’s like she has learned how to do that. Her teachers are blown away by the change in her behaviour. She is much more involved in the class, has so much more confidence. Rachael talks to Charlie throughout their singing lessons about life and friends, school, teachers, home – about everything. She gives Charlie the space to say how she is feeling and cares so much about guiding her in the direction of knowing herself and standing up for who she is. There is a lot that goes on between 9 year old girls that can leave them feeling low in confidence, wondering how they need to contort themselves tomorrow to fit in.

The songs that Rachael uses in her lessons are about your inner beauty, knowing who you are, and loving yourself. These concepts are rare, if not nonexistent in our music industry which is fuelled by sexualisation and broken hearts. Rachael brings something different, it is not just a singing lesson (although this part is done with absolute professionalism and the most powerful, angelic voice you may ever hear) it is also a lesson in how to just be yourself. These lessons have been so fun for Charlie and so good for her health and wellbeing. We will definitely be back next year.

Kate Robson


Simone Gill

At Connected Voice, I found my lessons refreshing and rewarding and I learned an approach to singing that was holistic. While the CVC method involved study of technical aspects, there was a strong emphasis on awareness of the mind and body, and being truly connected during singing. That was helpful to me as I was someone who tended to ‘over-think’ during performance risking a loss of this important connection. As well as my individual lessons, I participated in the ‘joy of singing’ group which was a really fun and relaxed approach to connecting with other singers.

Sal Kimber

I feel truly thankful for the techniques I have learnt with Connected Voice. Allowing me to find my true voice and a connected empowered voice. The skills that I have learnt have been invaluable for building my confidence on and off stage and in the recording studio. The techniques and mentoring with Rachael have allowed my singing to become energized rather than forced, and probably the most important thing, enjoyable. I have learnt the joy of singing!!

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