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Rachael Kane Connected Voice, Singing and Expression Teacher Melbourne
Rachael Kane, Singing and Expression Teacher, Connected Voice, Altona North, Melbourne
Rachael Kane Singing and Expression Teacher Altona North Melbourne
Rachael Kane offers singing and expression lessons that support in:
Connecting to your own unique true voice
Rediscovering your inner confidence
Dealing with anxiety and self-judgement
Developing a deeper connection to your body

Expressing your true voice in song and in daily life
Enjoying the feeling of expressing who you are from within
Developing your your own groove with singing
Developing a clearer stronger
Ironing out any uncomfortable areas in your range
Vocal Technique
Performance preparation
Microphone techinque
Vocal health
     About Rachael

Rachael Kane is a naturally warm, caring and expressive person who holds her connection with herself and others as the foundation for true health and vitality in her life. She has been a professional singer /songwriter/performer and presenter for 25 years and her experience is vast, having worked in musicals, bands, as a song writer, releasing CD’s, performing live, on television and radio, as both an original artist and as a hired session singer.


"I have always been a very expressive person. I remember when I was 4 years old flying around the room, using my arms as wings, pretending to be a bird to the sound of my grandfather playing the piano. The sound of the piano impulsed me to move in this way and it was a very beautiful feeling. Movement, dance and singing were all very natural to me and I went into dance lessons when I was 8, but to be honest, it was my own natural expression of moving to the music that was the most fun and not the choreographed routines that I learned."

She began teaching singing and self expression in 2004 and at the same time began exploring the deeper energetic aspects of singing and music and it’s affects on the health and well-being of people. Her approach to teaching is holistic, taking into consideration the whole person and supporting them to connect more deeply to themselves and express who they are from within. Her lessons offer much connection, healing, expansion and evolution and have been described as "so much more than just singing lessons". Her clients span from anyone who wants to sing for their own pleasure and self-development, through to professional singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, public speakers, both children and adults.


To book a session with
Rachael call 0416 967 880
or email via the contact form
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