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Artist Development - Learn how to connect to your true voice, develop expression, microphone technique, confidence, song writing, recording, singing, singing Lesson
Artist Development sessions can include:
Developing connection to your voice and your instrument
Development of your songwriting to reflect your expression
Singers – support with developing music for your songs
Support with writing lyrics
Recording sessions to support you to be at ease in the studio, being recorded and using a mic
Connecting to your natural presence and confidence
Sharing your music in a live performance
Artist Development
Develop your music & expression
Do you sing, write songs, or play an instrument? Are you interested in putting your music out there in the world for people to hear? If so, artist development classes are a great way to support yourself to feel ready for taking the next step with your music.
Whether you are contemplating sharing your music with others for the first time, or are an experienced musician wanting to develop or make changes to the way you write, play or perform music, it can help to have some support to break through anything that is getting in the way of your true expression.
These lessons cover everything from how to connect with yourself and an audience, to how to write lyrics and music, use a microphone and prepare for your first gig and much, much more. All lessons are specifically tailored to what each individual artist needs at the time.

To book an artist development session with Rachael, call
0416 967 880 or click the button below to email via the contact form.
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