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Rachael Kane Connected Voice Singing and Expression Teacher Altona North Melbourne
Singing Tips
Before you sing, take a moment to connect with yourself, it makes all the difference.
How is your body feeling?
Can you feel your feet?
Are they warm or cold?
Can you close your eyelids slowly and feel how warm they naturally are?
What is your breathing like? Is there a gentle flow? Or is it jagged or racy?

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We were made to
express ourselves


Singing and Self-expression is a normal part of everyday life. As human beings we are simply made to express ourselves. When we hold things in and don't express how we feel, we don't do so well. Have you ever watched a young child up until the age of about 5 or 6 going about their day? If you have, you would know just how gloriously free they are in the way they express themselves. Their day is a constant stream of expression from one moment to the next. Through movement, speech, play, communicating, singing, they show us that true expression is normal. They don't hold back who they are, or how they are feeling and there is an honesty and therefore an ease in their body and their movements. In a word, children are generally joyful. This sounds like a recipe for good health to me.


Imagine if we were taught how to maintain this as adults and not shut down our true feelings and stop expressing ourselves fully. We would certainly be a lot healthier, more joyful and get to the point a lot quicker!


Unfortunately, for most people it is the case that as we grow we begin shut down our true feelings and not express ourselves fully. This happens as we begin to sense that who we are on the inside and how we are feeling is not what the world expects of us, or reflects to us and from this point we begin making incremental changes to 'fit in'with the status quo. The problem is that the status quo is all built from the outside and doesn't consider the deeply sensitive and tender aspects of the human being. Currently, by the time most children reach the age of about 10 years old they have developed a level of self-consciousness that doesn't allow them the same freedom they once had as a younger child, sadly this stops them from having the confidence to fully be themselves and do many things that they would truly like to do. This continues on into our teenage years and into adulthood where we build a harder shell and to a large degree, leave behind our inner feelings and adopt what we think will be accepted by the world around us.


The good news is that the spark we had inside us as a child hasn't gone anywhere, it's still there, very much alive, just waiting to be connected to and expressed. Yes that's right, the freedom that the 4 year old has to just be themselves in the world and sing or dance whenever they feel to, is still absolutely there for adults, we just need to get in touch with it again and re-learn how to let it out.

Singing is such a natural part of expression for most people and a great joy to experience ourselves and to share with other people. When singing is done from our inner connection to ourselves, it is completely fulfilling, expanding and healing and supports presence, confidence and expression in many other areas of life.

Whether it be in singing, self-expression, public speaking, performance or purely for self-development I very much look forward to exploring your voice with you.

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