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Singing Groups for kids at Connected Voice Studio, Altona North, Melbourne
Singing Groups for children at Connected Voice in Altona North Melbourne
Group Singing Lessons for kids at Connected Voice Studio in Altona North, Melbourne
Groups for kids can include:
Fun singing and expression games and exercises
Connecting to your true voice
Engaging with other kids
Singing amazing, supportive songs
Connecting to your natural presence and confidence
Being yourself in a group
Groups for Kids

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When kids come together in a group to sing, in an environment where they feel safe to relax and be themselves, it is a truly joyful experience for all. Kids naturally know how to express themselves freely and when given space and support to do so, they naturally let go and fly!
In the world, there can be a lot of pressure on kids to perform and get things right, or to measure up to a picture. In working with kids I have found that supporting them to be themselves and express themselves from who they already are supports their confidence and brings out the best in them.
One of the many benefits of kids working together in a supportive group environment, is that they learn a lot by reflecting to each other and also have the opportunity to get used to being themselves in a group. Learning how to drop their guard and allow themselves to shine without fear of comparison or judgement from others is a great learning that continues for all of us into adulthood.

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