Group Singing Lessons, Connected Voice Melbourne
Group Singing and Expression Lessons Connected Voice Altona North Melbourne
Group Singing and Expression Lessons Altona North Melbourne
Express Your True Voice groups can support with:
Connecting to your true confidence
Feeling the joy of expressing your true voice
Staying present when speaking and singing in a group
Not giving your power away to others
Letting go of self-judgement and the inner critic
Connecting with other people
Enjoying the feeling of singing  and expressing yourself
Express Your True Voice

Connect and Sing

The Express Your True Voice - Singing & Expression Groups developed out of the Joy of Singing Groups that have been running for 10 years. These groups continue to be an amazing opportunity to come together with other people to connect, sing and express yourself.
The groups support the participants to re-connect to their inner presence and confidence and express themselves from the inside out, allowing for truly joyful and expansive sounds to emerge.
On an individual level these classes offer much in the way of personal growth, as there is the opportunity to express yourself in a supportive group environment, as well as develop the ability to be present whilst singing and speaking in a group. In addition, it supports in the process of letting go of self-judgment, reconnecting to yourself, appreciating your voice and enjoying the experience of singing and sharing this with a larger group. And not to forget, the joy and fun of simply connecting with others and singing from the heart. Pure joy!
The next Joy of Singing Group begins on Sat 9th Febuary 2019.
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