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Singing & Expression Lessons for Adults


    Kids Singing &    

   Expression Lessons      


   Support your kids to have fun developing their confidence  

   with singing & expression with Connected Voice

    singing lessons.


    The classes support kids to develop true confidence in their

    expression and include movement, rhythm, pitch, vocal

    exercises, gorgeous songs, improvisation and songwriting.







Enjoy online singing and expression lessons in the comfort of your own home. Learn how to connect to your true voice, develop confidence in your vocal expression, understand your voice and how it works as well as develop rhythm, pitch, breathing, iron out break areas, learn different voice qualities, sing amazing songs.

Singing Tuition and Singing Groups for Kids in Melbourne

Singing lessons for kids supporting confidence and expression. Individual tuition and group classes. Connecting and interacting with other children. At Connected Voice Studio in Altona North.

Coming Soon . . .

A Connected Choir for Melbourne . . .

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Rachael Kane Connected Voice Singing Lessons in Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs
To book a session with
Rachael call 0416 967 880
or email via the contact form

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