July 19, 2013

Recently I held a six week Joy of Singing Group. During the 6 weeks we unfolded many of the myths about singing and spoke about how they hold us back. You know the ones – you’ve got to sound a certain way, you have to be in tune, you have to have the approval of someone else to sing. All those and many, many more. Through these discussions and through singing, the group started to realise how much these ideals about singing were not true and were holding us back and not allowing us to sing freely, even just for fun.

The negative thought patterns that existed for everyone and the constraints in the body were most of the time overriding our natural ability to sing.

It was amazing how when talked about these myths and realised how ridiculous they are, we were able to get them out of the way and the group opened up and started expressing freely. We dispelled the myths one by one as they came up, through simple honesty and care. Gradually over the 6 weeks the barriers to singing and expressin...

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